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Products Related to Food Safety and Environmental Protection

With the themes of food safety, food security, and the environment, Prima Meat Packers is working on the development of methods for detecting food allergens, methods for controlling and detecting harmful microorganisms, and technologies for reducing and reusing food waste.

Food Allergen Detection Kits

Since 2001, the labeling of specified raw materials has been mandatory. The Allergeneye series are kits for the highly sensitive and accurate detection of food allergens in food.

Gluten Detection Kit

Culture Medium and Kits for Microorganism Detection

This is a culture medium for detecting contaminated lactic acid bacteria that cause food spoilage and deterioration.
It also serves as a medium and kits for quick detection of food poisoning bacteria.

Environmental Remediation Microorganisms

These are microorganisms that decompose organic waste (kitchen waste) discharged from facilities that handle food or fats and oils contained in wastewater.