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Code of Conduct

Principle I

In all aspects of our corporate activities, we are to be "Be candid and sincere" and strictly comply with
laws, regulations, internal rules, and other rules.

Principle II

With "Create quality products that sustain Prima Group" and "Provide value to customers through continuous innovation" as our mottos,
we always prioritize customer satisfaction and peace of mind in our "manufacturing."

Principle III

While giving due consideration to the protection of personal and customer information in the performance of our duties, we conduct
fair, transparent and free competition, and appropriate transactions.
We also maintain sound and normal relations with politics and public administration.

Principle IV

We disclose corporate information, including the details of our management and business activities, to consumers and shareholders in a positive and fair manner.

Principle V

In the performance of our duties, we place emphasis on environmental conservation.

Principle VI

As a good corporate citizen, we actively contribute to society.

Principle VII

We realize the comfort and affluence of our employees and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
We also respect the personality and individuality of our employees.

Principle VIII

We resolutely confront antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

Principle IX

Overseas, we not only comply with local laws and regulations, but also respect local cultures and customs, and conduct management that contributes to local development.

Principle X

Top management recognizes that it is their role to realize the spirit of the Code of Conduct, and takes the initiative in ensuring that all employees are aware of the Code of Conduct,
and establishes a system for its realization to ensure that corporate ethics are thoroughly understood.

Principle XI

In the event of a violation of this Code of Conduct,
the top management makes it clear both internally and externally that it is committed to solving the problem, and strives to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.
In addition, top management carries out the prompt and accurate disclosure of information and accountability to society.
After clarifying the authority and responsibility, they take strict disciplinary action, including against themselves.