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Initiatives for Dietary Education

Announcement of suspension of applications for the On-site Lesson Programs

Due to the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily stopped accepting applications for the "Let's Take a Peek in the Refrigerator" lesson.
We will announce the resumption of accepting applications on our website as soon as it is decided.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
* We are still accepting applications for the materials for dietary education "The Secrets of Preserved Foods."

We supplement children's education through dietary education support.

Prima Meat Packers is a company that creates an enjoyable and prosperous future for food through the deliciousness of food and interaction with people, cherishing the connection with our customers under the theme of "Great taste, Great Connections." To further deepen our connection with our customers, we have launched a new dietary education initiative.
It's Prima Meat Packers' Dietary Education Support.

Message from the Dietary Education Support Office

For this dietary education support project, we have prepared two programs: "The Secrets of Preserved Foods" and "Let's Take a Peek in the Refrigerator." We hope that many children will deepen their interest in food.
We hope that they enjoy food without wasting any.
These programs were created with such desires in mind. We invite you to make use of them in your school classes.

Dietary Education Support

Contents of the Dietary Education Programs

Types of programs

  1. Provision of the materials for dietary education "The Secrets of Preserved Foods"
    The booklet "The Secrets of Preserved Foods" are provided for each student. Through the history of preserved food and how it is made, children can gain insight into the importance of food and how to appreciatively eat it without letting any go wasted.
  2. On-site lesson "Let's Take a Peek in the Refrigerator"
    This is an on-site lesson in the form of a quiz utilizing slides. Our instructors can visit your school and provide this lesson. This is a fun way to learn how to preserve food and gain basic knowledge about food labels.

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Information about the Materials for Dietary Education nformation about the On-site Lesson

Program Features

  • This program is linked to the study content of school subjects.
    The materials have been developed according to units within Social Studies and Home Economics, so they can be used directly in such classes.
    (Target grades: Upper elementary grades; 5th to 6th grade)
  • Easy to use within a short period of time (for one class).
    The content is designed to be covered in a short amount of time so that it can be easily incorporated into school classes.

Introduction to Each Program

The Materials for Dietary Education "The Secrets of Preserved Foods"

Prima Meat Packers' dietary education support materials

Content of the provided education materials

  • ① Workbook entitled "The Secrets of Preserved Foods"
  • ② Teacher's Guide
  • *For (1), provided for the number of people indicated when the application was submitted
    (the number of students in the class) .

Target, etc.

  • [ Target ] Upper elementary grades (5th to 6th grade)
  • [ Time required ] 45 minutes
  • [ Applicable subject/unit ]
    • The Period for Integrated Studies (dietary education)
    • Social Studies: Climatic features of the country and people's lives

提供する教材内容と対象等 日本の保存食を調べてみよう!

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On-site lesson "Let's check in the Refrigerator!"

Screen image of the PowerPoint slide

Outline of the education materials

  • [ Format ] PowerPoint slides
  • [ Composition ] Quiz (Yes/No questions), answers and explanations x 5 sets
  • [ Time ] 45 minutes

Target, etc.

Dietary Education Support Office

Prima Meat Packers Dietary Education Support Office