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Board of Directors

<List of Directors (June 26, 2024)>

President and CEO Naoto Chiba  
Director Kenji Tanaka  
Director Takeshi Yamashita (Outside Director)
Director Yuzo Ide (Outside Director)
Director Yoshino Tsujita (Outside Director)
[Corporate Auditor]
Standing Corporate Auditor Naofumi Sakai  
Standing Corporate Auditor Hideki Shimozawa (Outside Corporate Auditor)
Corporate Auditor Kuniaki Abe  
Corporate Auditor Akemi Sunaga (Outside Corporate Auditor)
[Executive Officer]
President and Executive Officer Naoto Chiba  
Senior Managing Executive Officer Takahiro Uchiyama Head of Administration Division
Senior Managing Executive Officer Yuji Shinkawa Head of Sales Division
Senior Managing Executive Officer Kenji Tanaka Head of Corporate Strategy Division,
and Corprate Strategy Department
Project Managaer in PRIMA Next Project
Managing Executive Officer Toshihiro Tago Head of Production Division
Managing Executive Officer Satoshi Nakajima Acting Head of Administration Division
Managing Executive Officer Makoto Amino Head of Meat Bussiness Division
Managing Executive Officer Kenichi Tai Head of East Japan Branch, Sales Division
Executive Officer Shinichi Koga Head of Financial & Accounting Department
Executive Officer Tatsuya Kudo Head of Quality Assurance Division
Executive Officer Takayuki Kanai Head of Human Resources Department
Executive Officer Keiko Sasajima Head of Development Division
Executive Officer Yasushi Miyatake Head of IT Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Division, PRIMA Next Project Leader
Executive Officer Jyunshi Hachiro Head of Mie Plant, Production Division
Executive Officer Shin Sasaki Head of West Japan Branch, Sales Division
Executive Officer Masayuki Izumi Head of Meat Procuring Division
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Teramura Head of Food Service Division
Executive Officer Hayashi Yoshihiko Head of Ibaraki Plant, Production Division