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Prima Meat Packers Group Environmental Policy

Prima Meat Packers Group is developing its business based on the basic concept of "Contribute to food culture and society through great taste and excitement."
As a food company, we receive many of the raw materials for our products from the blessings of nature.
Therefore, we have a responsibility to pass on this rich natural environment to future generations.
We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important management issues, and we promote environmental management aimed at realizing a low-carbon society, a circular society, and a society in harmony with nature based on the following action guidelines for the realization of a sustainable society.

Action Guidelines

  • In all of our business activities, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities through effectively using energy and water resources, reducing and recycling waste, etc.
  • We consider the entire life cycle of our products, from development and design to procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, sales and disposal.
    We strive to provide products and services that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and to research technologies.
  • We not only comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, but also set our own management standards and strive to prevent environmental risks in advance.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we conduct our business activities in consideration of harmony with local communities and actively participate in environmental protection activities.
  • We disclose environmental information widely and appropriately to communicate with society.
  • We continue to provide environmental education to raise the environmental awareness of our employees.

Prima Meat Packers Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Naoto Chiba
Established October 10, 2003
Last revised May 1, 2021