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About R&D team

Prima Meat Packers has its own research institute, the "R&D Center."
We conduct research and development in the field of meat and meat processing, provide technical support within the Group, and engage in research activities that contribute to society.

Purpose and Vision of the R&D Center

The R&D Center is engaged in research in the following
four main areas based on Prima Meat Packers' Management Philosophy.

"Safety and Security," "Great Taste,"
"Health," and the "Environment"

In addition, we provide technical support related to the development,
production, sales, and quality assurance of the products of the
Prima Meat Packers Group, and contribute to society
by selling the developed products.

Purpose and Vision of the R&D Center

"Safety and Security"

Food Allergen Research
We are working on the development of qualitative or quantitative test kits to make food allergen management in food factories accurate, quick, and simple.
These are used by our own plants and group companies, as well as by various food manufacturers and contract testing organizations. Food Allergen Detection Kits
Microbiological Research
We are conducting research to control the bacteria responsible for food poisoning and spoilage caused by microorganisms and are therefore developing quick testing methods for microorganisms.
In addition to using the technology we have developed at our plants, we also sell culture media and kits outside the company, and contribute to the production of safe and secure products. Culture Medium and Kits for Microorganism Detection
Hazardous Substance Risk Research
We are working to investigate and develop inspection methods for chemical and physical hazards, such as drugs and radiation, and harmful as well as foreign substances related to our products, and strengthen our voluntary testing system.

"Great Taste"

Taste Research
In addition to sensory evaluation, we use a variety of analytical equipment to comprehensively and scientifically elucidate the taste of foods.
This research is applied to activities aimed at product development and quality improvement, contributing to providing better dietary life.


Functional Food Research
We are conducting research and studies on various healthful aspects of meat, such as anti-stress, anti-fatigue, and hypotensive effects, so that we can contribute to realizing a healthy dietary life through meat.


Environmental Protection Research
In addition to researching ways of reducing and reusing waste from plants, we are developing and marketing microorganisms that play a role in environmental protection.Environmental Remediation Microorganisms