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"LA Medium" for Lactic Acid Bacteria Detection

About Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria is a general term for bacteria that ferment sugar and produce large amounts of lactic acid.
Lactic acid bacteria have long been used in many food processing applications, including miso, soy sauce, sake, wine, yogurt, and cheese.
Lactic acid bacteria, which are utilized as useful bacteria, can cause various deteriorations in processed foods, such as sourness of taste, a sour odor, and the formation of surface stickiness, even if the same bacterial species performs the same function.
In meat products, they cause abnormalities in the processing stage and affect product quality, causing acid loss, surface stickiness, cloudiness, etc. Lactic acid bacteria rarely cause health hazards, but if a deterioration occurs, it will cause inconvenience to customers, so its control is an important issue for food processing manufacturers.
In addition, prioritizing lactic acid bacterial control can also result in the control of many pathogens and other harmful bacteria.

About LA Medium

LA Medium is a medium developed by the Prima Meat Packers R&D Center for the purpose of detecting lactic acid bacteria, and the detection rate of lactic acid bacteria is high.
It is easy to determine whether lactic acid bacteria is present or not at a glance. By incubating at 25°C for 48 hours,
it is possible to detect a variety of lactic acid bacteria with a high rate of accuracy (Photo-1, 2).


  • Compared with conventional culture media, it is superior in terms of the growth of lactic acid bacteria.
  • The presence or absence of lactic acid bacteria can be easily determined by color.
  • Detection of lactic acid bacteria in LA Medium
    When lactic acid bacteria proliferate, the color changes from purple to yellow.
    Photo-1 Detection of lactic acid bacteria in LA Medium
  • Detection of lactic acid bacteria in LA Medium
    Photo-2 LA Medium

Prima Meat Packers' Voluntary Inspection Initiatives and Sales of LA Medium

In addition to the microorganisms specified in the Microorganism Standards of the Food Sanitation Law, Prima Meat Packers and Group companies use Prima Meat Packers-developed LA Medium and test manufacturing processes and products daily for the presence of contaminated lactic acid bacteria to provide safe and reliable foods to our customers. In addition, we started to sell LA Medium in January 2008, and it has already been used at many food companies.
Material Safety Data Sheet (211 KB)
LA Medium catalog (529 KB)

Contact: Microorganism Research Group, R&D Center, Prima Meat Packers Co., Ltd.

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