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Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment

The amount of food waste from the food industry in Japan in fiscal 2010 was 20.86 million tons (according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).
In recent years, with the enforcement of the Food Recycling Law and growing concern for the environment, a number of efforts have been made to reduce the generation and volume of food waste and to recycle and reuse it.

One of the methods for reducing and recycling food waste is decomposition treatment by microorganisms (bio-type kitchen waste treatment).
This method can be said to be an "energy-saving and environmentally friendly method" as it uses microorganisms that act as decomposers in nature. However, it has been difficult to decompose animal residues such as meat and meat products, which contain a large amount of protein and fat among food waste, efficiently for a long period of time using microorganisms.

The Prima Meat Packers Co., Ltd, R&D Center has recently discovered microorganisms that have a high ability to decompose animal and vegetable residues from soil and compost in various parts of Japan, and has succeeded in commercializing them.


There are two types of the Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment: Liquid and Powder. Please use according to your needs.

  • High ability to decompose proteins and fats
  • Resistant to environmental changes such as salinity or pH that accumulate during the treatment process
  • Wide temperature range for growth
  • Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment
    "Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment"

The ability to decompose kitchen waste (700 g/day) containing a significant amount of animal residues by "Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment" was evaluated and compared with that of commercial microorganisms.
As a result, the weight reduction rate (ability to decompose kitchen waste) was maintained at more than 85% for 60 days in the test area where "Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment" was added, and it was confirmed that the product's decomposition ability was higher than that of commercial microorganisms.

At present, "Microorganisms for Kitchen Waste Treatment" is being used as a microorganism material added to processing equipment at a major garbage disposal equipment manufacturer.

  • Results of kitchen waste decomposition test
    Results of kitchen waste decomposition test

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