CEO Message

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders, institutional investores, and other stakeholders for their continued support.
Since its establishment in 1931, Prima Meat Packers has been striving to provide safe and reliable
products with a focus on ham, sausage, and meat, cherishing the connection with our customers.
With food culture becoming more Westernized and the demand for meat in Japan growing significantly, we renamed our company name to Prima Meat Packers Ltd., which was the name of our product, and further developed.
After that, we changed our management philosophy to "Be candid and sincere, Create quality products that sustain Prima Group, Provide value to customers through continuous innovation," while keeping the spirit we had inherited and taking a more customer-oriented approach.
Furthermore, after redefining the company's mission toward society, we have established our new corporate vision which is "Contribute to food culture and society through great taste and excitement."
As eating scenes and sales channels diversify with the times, we will combine our accumulated know-how and new technologies to take on further challenges toward our development themes of "safety and reliable," "realization of great taste and enjoyment," "innovative manufacturing," "pursuit of simplicity and convenience," and "preservation of the global environment."
With your smiling faces in mind, all of our officers and employees will continue to work tirelessly to become a "company that customers will always love and support."

President and CEO Naoto Chiba