Prima Meat Packers

Since our foundation,
we have always striven to deliver
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The endeavors of Prima Meat Packers Group

  • 1931〜

    Contributing to Abundant Lives

    "We sell what we make."

    Prima Meat Packers was the first company in the Japanese meat industry to sell standard Japanese primary cuts of pork, and it developed innovative solutions in distribution channels to strengthen sales as well as manufacturing. The internal company slogan chosen at the time was "We sell what we make. We will sell our Prima brand by ourselves."

  • 1970〜

    Global-level Food Safety

    Ensuring safety and reliability

    Prima Meat Packers worked with an overseas quality expert to build a proprietary system of quality management. Under this system, the Company launched a succession of winning products that excelled in quality. The Company then launched a hog farming business, laying the foundation for an integrated system of domestic pork production.

  • 1980〜

    Products That Evolve with Lifestyles

    Building a new management platform

    To expand business, Prima Meat Packers built dedicated plants for supplying convenience stores, as well as those for food processing. It also established overseas production sites. The plants in Japan obtained quality assurance certification.

  • 2000〜

    Bouncing back

    Tight cost management

    In the early years of this century, we experienced tough business conditions and had to make hard decisions, such as closing down some business locations. Aiming to turn performance around, we tightened cost management. Through such efforts, we have bounced back stronger than ever.

  • 2020〜

    Toward Further Growth

    Making the mission a reality

    As consumer needs continue to diversify, Prima Meat Packers continues to expand its lineup and invest in initiatives to unlock further growth. These initiatives include building a new food processing plant, expanding the hog farming business, penetrating overseas markets, and transforming workflows.

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※As of October 2022

Our Business Activities

Fresh Meat Business

Our new flagship hog farm aiming to become the leading hog farming company in Japan

Fresh Meat Business

Japanese pork production is the future for our fresh meat business

In fiscal 2022, our fresh meat business faced severe cost pressures in production and purchasing. International meat prices trended upward, while grain prices remained high, resulting in high animal feed prices. The low yen made this situation worse. Meanwhile, Japan experienced inflation and consumers tightened their belts. This trend made it difficult to increase sales prices enough to fully absorb the higher raw meat prices. All these circumstances made for a very tough year.
Unbowed by the challenges, we'll keep pressing on in our efforts to grow the business. These efforts include developing our Japanese pork production business. They also include efforts to penetrate new sectors and make the business more competitive. Examples include using vacuum packing (which seals in the freshness longer) at the site of production, forging new online sales channels, and providing frozen meat products that are compatible with a new defrosting technique. Alongside these business activities, we'll keep working on sustainability and ESG measures such as safeguarding animal welfare, protecting the environment, and assuring quality.
No dream, no ideal. No ideal, no plan. No plan, no action. No action, no success. These are the words of Yoshida Shōin, a Japanese educator active in the mid-19th century. We will follow our dream to forge a new future for our fresh meat business.

Processed Foods Business

Aiming for the top spot with compelling products and high productivity

Processed Foods Business

Enhancing talent development and taking a hybrid approach that leads with the body and the head

In the processed foods business, we have adopted a new sales approach for the post-pandemic transition. This approach combines action-centered leadership (the body) with thinking-centered leadership (the head). In other words, the idea is to both act with conviction and speed, but also to keep thinking about how we can do better, drawing on the insights we gained during the pandemic years.
Crucial to achieving this balance is talent development. No organization can succeed without adequate talent. The key to talent development is communication. With active communication, you foster mutual understanding, allocate talent effectively, and increase job satisfaction. Amid the rise in remote working during the pandemic, many employees started learning skills and gaining qualifications through webinar programs. By exercising authentic leadership, supervisors will build an organization that empowers employee growth.

Processed Foods Business

Using our own knowhow to boost productivity of plants and survive a future labor crunch

In April 2023, our new Kagoshima plant entered service, boosting our production capacity. Over the years ahead, we'll be working to boost productivity and to survive a future labor crunch.For this task, we'll use automation and labor-saving technology. We'll also combine a range of other techniques, including the initiatives in Prima Innovation , a project with a long and impressive track record.
One such innovation is collaborative robots (or cobots). We'll use cobots to lighten the load for human workers and contribute to a more employee-friendly workplace and to higher job satisfaction. Whatever action we take, the bottom line is always safety and confidence in the workplace. In the Production Division, we emphasize continuous improvement in quality and safety. For example, four times a year, we award teams that improved their quality and safety performance. We also provide training opportunities that increase employee motivation.