Our Strengths


Proprietary technology
and expertise with a 90-year heritage

Food Safety Management System

Integrated food quality management

The Group conforms to international standards for managing food safety such as FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000.
This means we follow an integrated approach to quality management, extending from product development through to procurement, production, and distribution. Our Thailand-based suppliers conform to the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).

Integrated production that ensures safety, reliability, and great taste

To achieve safety, reliability, and great taste, we have integrated all operations throughout the pork supply chain. We have also invested in a new farm in Miyagi Prefecture, which made its first shipment in the summer of 2023. The new farm will achieve high levels of production by using advanced technology and science-based practices.

Excelling at In-house Product Development

Keeping pace with diversifying diets

We produce processed food products (including ham, sausages, and burgers), as well as a range of deli items, filled pastries, and desserts. We monitor market trends and needs so that the finished products will match consumers' lifestyles and preferences and add value to their lives.

Modern, Cost-Competitive Plants

Raising the production capacity of our plantsour plants

Our two plants in Ibaraki use automated packaging and linear production lines ensure efficient production. The plants boast short lead times and a high production capacity. Our new plant in Kagoshima entered full service in April 2023.

Collaborative Development of Products and Services

Embracing collaboration to respond flexibly to demand

We embrace collaboration to respond swiftly to the needs of customers.
For example, we procure raw meat jointly with the ITOCHU Group, develop products jointly with suppliers and other partners, receive technical guidance from outside organizations, and invite customers to thrilling private events co-organized with a theme park operator.

Working with suppliers to meet strict quality standards

Leveraging our membership of the ITOCHU Group, we have secured international supply sources for raw meat.
We engage with all suppliers via an importing company, to ensure their commitment to our strict quality standards.

Joint development of original brands that suit the Japanese palate

We work with suppliers to provide original meat brands. Our suppliers' livestock, which include cattle, swine, and poultry, enjoy wide-open pastures, and their meat quality is well received by our customers. For example, we teamed up with HyLife, a leading pork producer in Canada, to develop Three Herb Pork, a tender, juicy brand of pork. Sourced from three-way crossbred pigs, the pork appeals to the Japanese palate. Additionally, the feed for the pigs includes herbal extracts.