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Food Safety Policy

Basic Philosophy

Prima Meat Packers holds to "Creating quality products that sustain the Prima Group" and "Providing value to customers through continuous innovation" as our management philosophy.
All employees, as members of the food chain, always give priority to food safety in their manufacturing.
Each organization ensures food safety in its own area of responsibility, and by cascading through each organization, ensures food safety throughout the food chain. To achieve this, we never miss communicating with our customers and business partners. Each and every one of our employees raises awareness of food safety in all aspects of our business activities and delivers great-tasting and safe food to the table.

Basic Policy

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • We comply with the Food Safety Act and related regulations and any other requirements to which we agree.


  • As a member of the food chain, we always prioritize food safety in our manufacturing and we never miss communicating with our customers and business partners in order to achieve it.
  • We remain in constant communication with regulatory authorities.
  • We ensure employees are aware of issues that affect food safety.

3. Awareness Program

  • To raise awareness with respect to food safety, we provide food safety education to employees engaged in food production.

4. Continuing Suitability Review

  • We conduct management reviews and revise our Food Safety Policy and goals as appropriate.

Prima Meat Packers Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Naoto Chiba
Established October 31, 2006
Last revised June 26, 2009