Management Philosophy

Great taste, great connections-

Valuing the bonds we share with our customers, we will forge a cheerful and abundant future through the great taste of our products and the great connection between people.

Management philosophy - The basics -

  • ・be honest and dedicated
  • ・The lifeblood of Prima is its products and quality
  • ・Contribute to customers' lives by continuously innovating

Management vision-

  • 1. Each and every one of us shall use our imaginative faculties and come up with creative ideas and proposals
  • 2. We shall utilize our exceptional productive development skills and technical prowess in a comprehensive effort to provide our customers with great tasting food and information related to such; in this way, we shall contribute toward an abundant and healthy dietary life.
  • 3. We shall resolutely pursue self-improvement with a view to becoming a highly profitable comprehensive food business